Monday, October 15, 2007

Prada Prints

Ignore the scowls on the models' faces and focus on the prints. Aren't they charming? It's been a while since we saw these kinds of florals: large-scale flowers, more realistically rendered than stylized, spread out widely across the fabric, leaving plenty of background for breathing space. The colors are fabulous, too. Rich plums, midnight blues and butter yellows instead of the girlish pastel pinks or garish cherry reds that one frequenly encounters with florals. It's also refreshing to see a variety of less commonly depicted flowers like fully blown poppies and mini carnations (or are they asters?) as a variation on the usual theme of roses, roses, roses. Here's hoping that Prada sparks a trend and that we see more of this kind of gutsy patterned fabric showing up on clothes in the next few seasons.

Images from Elle, November '07.

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