Monday, July 23, 2007

Update: Christian Louboutin Knotted Heels

The Christian Louboutin knotted heels I wrote about a while back keep popping up, in assorted colors and materials, in all the August magazines. I'm not sure which version I like best, since they're pretty fabulous in any incarnation.

If I were choosing in a void I'd probably go with the rose satin mules, even though they look like they'd be the most difficult to walk in. (Why is it that the most tempting shoes are somehow also always the least comfortable?) I like the black pumps, but I think they're maybe a little too tame for such a great style; the retro knot and ladylike shape deserves something splashier. And while I love the suede of the berry-colored ones, but I think a great pair of shiny grey pumps would best balance versatility and style.

Given how hard it would be to decide, it's a good thing that choosing between them is a hypothetical question: those pricey ladies defintely don't fit my fall fashion budget. I bet that we'll see some knock-offs from Nine West or a similar line in the near future, though.

First image from Lucky, August '07. Second image from InStyle, August '07 . Third image from Harper's Bazaar, August '07.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trouser Jeans

When I opened my August issue of Lucky, I didn't even make it as far as the table of contents before coming across this ad for jeans. I've been looking for wide legged jeans for a while and finally surrendered to a pair I found on sale for $25 at Express a few weeks back. I actually like this pair more because these don't have front pockets and mine do.

A few years back I tried to completely phase jeans out of my wardrobe. I actually succeeded for a while, but eventually a pair or two crept back in. I'm okay with that and conceed that they have their place, but I still prefer jean styles that are as dressy as possible. Hence my infatuation with trouser jeans.

I love this pair for their dark wash, lean fit, and cute sailor pant-style side buttons. I think they'd be nicely curve-skimming on and forgiving for heavier thighs because they gradually flare towards the ankles. I'm curious about whether they have back pockets and would hope not, even though cagily-located back pockets do do wonders for the rear view.

Jeans by Adriano Goldschmied. Image from Lucky, August '08.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Raffia Clutch

I really like how understated this clutch is. Often they're are designed like flashy jewelry, with lots of embellishment and bright colors. There's nothing wrong with that, and glittery ones certainly have their place when an outfit needs perking up. But clutches like that practically shriek: "Here I am, out for a fancy evening!" Sometimes you really don't want to look like you've dolled yourself up in your finest for that rare night out. In fact, usually when I'm going out in the evening, I just need someplace daintier than a tote or a hobo to stash money, keys and a cell phone but the last thing I want is to carry something precious. I think this clutch would be great for those occasions. The color is neutral. The raffia is summery but finely woven enough to still be sleek. The silk ribbon adds a little prettiness and luxury. The one tiny detail I'd change would be to make the clasp were gold, instead of silver. Then I'd want to carry this clutch out every night, all summer.

Clutch by Franchi. Image from Lucky, August '08.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Obi-Wrapped Blouse

This extravagant obi-wrapped blouse further fuels the fire of my obsession with silk scarves worn as belts. The top itself is gorgeous. Really pretty soft colors, delicate fabric and a graceful neckline and drape to the sleeves.

I'm more interested, though, in the waist-cinching sash. The extra-long belt is terrific, wrapped around and around so many times that it almost becomes the main piece of clothing instead of simply an accessory, transforming the blouse into an underpinning. It get me wondering how many tops in my wardrobe could be rejuvenated with a similar, extremely wide swath of opulent fabric. Rich, dramatic, and oh so figure flattering.

Top by Foley. Image from Lucky, August, '08.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Update: White Blouse

I did it! I finally broke the Curse of the White Shirt and wore one out to dinner last night. I think that blogging about my poor, unworn white shirts several posts back finally made me focus on figuring out how to incorporate them into a feminine look.

The answer came in a blaze of inspiration: belt one with a silk scarf! So I hauled out my favorite rectangular scarf. It's a dreamy handpainted piece in watercolor-y shades of cream, soft orange and pale pink. On went the white shirt, on went a trusty beige pencil skirt, on went my strappy, ultra-high heeled, light pink, vaguely metallic Louboutins. The scarf turned out to be the perfect length and width to tie a chubby bow at my hip. With a substantial necklace of highly polished oval stone beads and my go-everywhere beige leather tote, I actually felt great in that white shirt. In the future I think I'll try styling it the same way, but with a more demure shoe, for business meetings.

Fashion problem solved! Now if only I didn't have a sudden, fierce craving for luxurious new silk scarves....

Friday, July 6, 2007

Flippy Tweed Skirt

I think this flippy tweed skirt would be a perfect addition to a fall wardrobe. The classic black and white tweed is a cinch to work into outfits. The flirty shape and length are what made it catch my eye, though. I love that Derek Lam chose a hefty material in order to give structure to the flared silhouette.

The thigh high stockings in the photo are cute, but a little school-girlish for my taste when paired with a twirly mini skirt. Instead, I'd wear the skirt with thick tights, tall boots. and something smooth and curve-hugging up top, like a thin, slightly glossy, silk knit.

Skirt by Derek Lam. Image from Harper's Bazaar, July '07.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bell-Shaped Coat

I know its summer and humid and almost inhuman to even be thinking about winter coats, but I had to post this picture. I have had an obsession with dove grey for winter and spent most of last winter endlessly combing the stores for pale grey clothing. I'm charmed by everything about this coat, including its color. The precisely cut and set sleeves, the huge but oddly graceful shape, and the wide and plush fur trim at the hem are all so appealing.

Coat by Versace. Image from Vogue, July '07.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Chloe Sheath Dress, Unexpected Colors

Isn't this a great little sheath dress? Such a classic and versatile shape, but in an unusual trio of colors. The mix of fabrics contributes to the intriguing, eclectic element: raw silk for the bodice, velvet at the waist and nubby wool for the skirt. With so much going on in terms of color and texture, I'd stay away from incorporating a lot of pattern, and instead play up the central theme with more matte texture, especially suede. The skirt length would hit a couple of inches above the knee, which makes it somewhat more challenging to wear than if it was a little longer, but I can picture it with all kinds of non-spindly footwear. It could be worn now with either with wedges (or flat sandals, if you have great legs), and in the winter, paired with an ultra thin turtleneck, tights and flat boots. The most fun way to wear it, though, would be to play up its luxurious bohemian look for evening, when venturing out into a sea of safe black cocktail dresses. Accessorize with a streamlined clutch and chunky jewelry in gold or in colors that flirt with those in the dress without duplicating them.

Dress by Chloe. Image from Vogue, July '07.