Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Knotted Belt

I like this unusual black and gold knotted belt. One of the magazines last month (Vogue? Harper's Bazaar?) ran a story about how 'in' black and gold are for fall. Well, I'm not sure about that...After all, did they ever go out? Gold accents seem perfectly classic and natural with basic black. For example, a straightforward black leather belt with a gold buckle is pretty standard.

What I like about this belt is that whereas it plays it safe in terms of color, it's flaunting an unusual knot at the front. I admire how structured and substantial the piece looks because of the knot's rigid sculpted contours and the width of the front part of the belt band. It's an accessory that could go a long way toward refreshing a simple black cocktail dress but I'd also try using it to define the waist of a hip-length black cardigan. Finally, I'd want to play up the gold trim by matching it with other gold accessories like gold shoes for evening, or gold jewelry at any hour.

Image from Lucky, September '07. Belt by Anna Vince.

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