Sunday, August 5, 2007

Large Structured Bags

On my recent trip to Alabama, I made a much-regretted impulse buy. The saleswomen were so nice, the store was about to close and the price was so reasonable. I talked myself into it and am living to regret it. The item? A cream/putty-colored handbag with substantial gold hardware. There's a lot to like about the bag, especially the fact that you can remove the long chain handle and carry it by a short handle, or else you can unfold it and carry it by cut-out handles. So it's actually like three bags in one. But unless I can find a way to incorporate it into my fall/winter wardrobe, it's going to lounge neglected at the bottom of my closet. What I was hoping for was a new summer handbag, but with all that gold, it seems too blingy for my day-time summer clothes and the color is too muddy for them as well.

The trauma of pulling the trigger too fast on a summer bag has led me to muse about fall bags. I'm hoping to chalk my recent mistake up to experience and redeem my handbag-purchasing track record with a solid pick for next season. Here are some of the day handbags I'm eyeing. I notice that they're all large and structured, with short-to-medium length handles.

I probably like this bag because I'm mildly obsessed with diamond patterns, a trait I first observed while choosing fabrics for my apartment. Personally I wouldn't get a lot of mileage out of graphic black and white, but I imagine that plenty of people would.

Love, love, love the unusual but still neutral color on this one. Subtle gold hardware keeps it understated, while the cute, rounded lines and shiny patent finish are playful and vaguely mod.

Now maybe *this* is the kind of summer bag I should have gone for. The ivory color might not work as well for fall, but I love the unusual texture and the way the handle straps are looped though the hardware. The texture and the casual looping remind me of grosgrain ribbon. I also like that the hardware is utterly discreet but the structure and material keep the bag from seeming cheap. Ah, Bottega Veneta, how tasteful thou art!

My favorite thing about this bag is the so-subtle-you'd-almost-miss-them bows. They aren't too prissy, either. I could see this bag traveling through all four seasons.

Eye-catching tapered and ladylike shape. I'm a sucker for textured skins and this rich burgundy has such a luscious, ultra-glossy finish.

First image from Self, August '07; bag by Lambertson Truex. Second image from Harper's Bazaar, August '07; bag by Yves Saint Laurent. Third image from Harper's Bazaar, August '07; bag by Bottega Veneta. Fourth image from Lucky, September '07; bag by MiuMiu. Fifth image from Lucky, September '07; bag by Cole Haan.

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Fabulously Broke in the City said...

I love them all.. the bow is especially cute on that one bag.

Sign me up..!

P.S. I am also a huge fan of the diamond shape, or even just straight lines, or black and white in general...