Monday, September 10, 2007

Lean Fur Jacket

It's a really good thing that I don't own this jacket because if I did, I'd only ever take it off to bathe, and I'm not sure that it would survive the indignity of being slept in.

The jacket sums up one of the things I love about fashion: its ability to transform us by filling our lives with beauty and excitement, to momentarily transport us to a more glamorous time or place. Who wouldn't want a life in which they could wear something like this and look this elegant?

I love the long, luxurious trim at the collar and wrists, the lovely mix of dove and charcoal grey and the impossibly nipped in shape. I also adore the three quarter length sleeves which furnish the perfect excuse for long gloves, the epitome of chic.

The fact that the jacket is something that few people could imagine wearing only makes it more appealing to me. Yes, it's extremely "fancy"; yes, it's made unapologetically of controversial fur; and yes, you'd have to work to figure out the right occasions to wear it. But it seems to me that the inability to think of where to wear something so amazing is a failure of imagination and evidence of a willingness to settle for a life that's not racy and somewhat mysterious. Like most people, I'm a carnivore and a purchaser of leather goods, and I don't see wearing fur as being materially different from eating meat or wearing leather. Fur is incredibly warm, impossibly soft and has long connoted something I love - luxury - so let people think what they like.

Yes, if I could afford it, I'd buy the jacket and wear it to death. Fashion isn't just about clothing the body, after all, it's about living out one's dreams.


Ann said...

Very beautiful indeed! You do you have to be of slim build to pull it off though.

Anonymous said...

I hate fur jackets! But it is beautiful.