Sunday, September 2, 2007

Vintage in Vogue

These vintage images are both from this month's Vogue and I thought I'd post them for their inspiration value.

The mood in this first photo is just so *pretty*. I can't tear my eyes away from that hat. Everyone is saying that hats are going to be huge this season and I, for one, hope that they are right. I've loved hats ever since childhood, when a kindly neighbor took me shopping for Easter bonnets with her, and let me try on as many as I wanted. A cloche is a fairly understated shape to wear, and an outdoors-only version in a cozy wool wouldn't seem eccentric. I haven't seen anything currently available that's as nice as this one, though. The delicate, bonnet-like gathers are incredible.

This second image, is obviously all about a vampy-sexy version of femininity. I'm coveting that fabulous coat, oversized lapels, wild zebra print and all.

Images from Vogue, September '07.

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