Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Vera Wang at Kohl's

I'm very excited about the new collection that Vera Wang is designing for Kohl's. I've marked my calendar accordingly for September 9th, the drop date, and plan to be at my nearest Kohl's first thing that morning. The fact that the prices aren't bargain basement cheap actually makes me more optimistic that the collection is going to be a strong one, since it hopefully means Vera Wang had some leeway in buying reasonable quality textiles and workmanship. I do wish there had been more or better magazine coverage, beyond the rather lackluster ad campaign in which anything that seems remotely interesting is photographed too close up to actually be able to get a sense of the item's details.

I did, however, come across this straightforward, eminently practical skirt in Blueprint:

It's supposed to be jersey, which should mean a close and comfortable fit, which is obviously key with a pencil skirt.

Then there's this blouse:

This is exactly the kind of delicate, feminine yet modern piece that attracts me to her style. Hopefully the wide, fairly bulky short sleeves would be flattering....

What do you think so far? Are you planning to hit up Kohl's for Simply Vera Wang?

First image from Blueprint, September/October '07. Second image from Vogue, September '07.

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