Saturday, November 10, 2007

Plunge-Backed Sweater

When temperatures drop sharply, as they have been in my corner of the world this past week, the inverse relation between literally feeling cozy and "looking hot" becomes increasingly frustrating. I'm intrigued by this sweater because of the potential it suggests for making the chunky knits that are so essential to staying warm in the winter a wee bit sexier. Its plunging v-shaped back, like that of the more familiar open-backed evening gown, suggests a glimpse of a part of the body that's usually concealed. The fact that the sweater is dark so that it contrasts with the pale, neutral-colored bodysuit underneath also references this idea.

I wonder whether a scoop-backed sweater would be even more effective if it had more of a draped "U" shape or whether that would require dialing back on the thickness of the wool to avoid making the whole thing too bulky. I'd like to see how a similar idea would play out in a slightly finer knit and I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for this kind of sweater in the shops.

Sweater by Just Cavalli. Image from Marie Claire, November '07.

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