Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Raffia Clutch

I really like how understated this clutch is. Often they're are designed like flashy jewelry, with lots of embellishment and bright colors. There's nothing wrong with that, and glittery ones certainly have their place when an outfit needs perking up. But clutches like that practically shriek: "Here I am, out for a fancy evening!" Sometimes you really don't want to look like you've dolled yourself up in your finest for that rare night out. In fact, usually when I'm going out in the evening, I just need someplace daintier than a tote or a hobo to stash money, keys and a cell phone but the last thing I want is to carry something precious. I think this clutch would be great for those occasions. The color is neutral. The raffia is summery but finely woven enough to still be sleek. The silk ribbon adds a little prettiness and luxury. The one tiny detail I'd change would be to make the clasp were gold, instead of silver. Then I'd want to carry this clutch out every night, all summer.

Clutch by Franchi. Image from Lucky, August '08.