Saturday, July 7, 2007

Update: White Blouse

I did it! I finally broke the Curse of the White Shirt and wore one out to dinner last night. I think that blogging about my poor, unworn white shirts several posts back finally made me focus on figuring out how to incorporate them into a feminine look.

The answer came in a blaze of inspiration: belt one with a silk scarf! So I hauled out my favorite rectangular scarf. It's a dreamy handpainted piece in watercolor-y shades of cream, soft orange and pale pink. On went the white shirt, on went a trusty beige pencil skirt, on went my strappy, ultra-high heeled, light pink, vaguely metallic Louboutins. The scarf turned out to be the perfect length and width to tie a chubby bow at my hip. With a substantial necklace of highly polished oval stone beads and my go-everywhere beige leather tote, I actually felt great in that white shirt. In the future I think I'll try styling it the same way, but with a more demure shoe, for business meetings.

Fashion problem solved! Now if only I didn't have a sudden, fierce craving for luxurious new silk scarves....


Anonymous said...

I wish you took a picture of the whole outfit! I'm trying my best to picture it in my head..

theovereducatedvalet said...

Hi Ann,
The model is wearing unbelted, high-waisted, very wide legged black wool pants. Personally, it's a more masculine look than what I'd go for. Hope that helps!