Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Chloe Sheath Dress, Unexpected Colors

Isn't this a great little sheath dress? Such a classic and versatile shape, but in an unusual trio of colors. The mix of fabrics contributes to the intriguing, eclectic element: raw silk for the bodice, velvet at the waist and nubby wool for the skirt. With so much going on in terms of color and texture, I'd stay away from incorporating a lot of pattern, and instead play up the central theme with more matte texture, especially suede. The skirt length would hit a couple of inches above the knee, which makes it somewhat more challenging to wear than if it was a little longer, but I can picture it with all kinds of non-spindly footwear. It could be worn now with either with wedges (or flat sandals, if you have great legs), and in the winter, paired with an ultra thin turtleneck, tights and flat boots. The most fun way to wear it, though, would be to play up its luxurious bohemian look for evening, when venturing out into a sea of safe black cocktail dresses. Accessorize with a streamlined clutch and chunky jewelry in gold or in colors that flirt with those in the dress without duplicating them.

Dress by Chloe. Image from Vogue, July '07.

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Icy said...

The shape is lovely, but I'm totally not sure about the colours. I like them individualy, but I'm not sure about together. Love your ideas of how to wear it though. Thanks for the link too!