Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beat-the-Heat Dresses

Some summer days when, like the jazz standard, it's too darn hot, you want something you can just throw on. Something as non-restrictive and non-wrinkly as a t-shirt but that wouldn't involve nudity from the waist down. And also, it goes without saying, something prettier. Here are two options.

The first is so casual you could wear it with wedge espadrilles to watch a ball game. All those poor other women have descended into baseball jersey hell and there you are, just as cute and blasé, but also well-dressed.

The second is a tad dressier thanks to its striking but not strident color and non-jersey fabric. To be a little fancier, you could swap out the string belt for a silk scarf or a ribbon in a contrasting, neutral color like navy, white or beige. And if you wanted to wear the dress again when the weather cools down, say in the evening, you could switch the belt for something wide, tightly-cinched and patent leather.

First dress by Michael Michael Kors. Second dress by Banana Republic. Images from Fashion, May 2007.

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