Monday, June 11, 2007

Summery Cropped Jacket

This little jacket is terrific. I just can’t tear my eyes away from the button-adorned tabs that border the hidden fastener at the neckline. Their rounded chubbiness splits the difference between ‘cute’ and ‘clean’ and is totally unique. Pockets, especially rounded ones, always look youthful, and the square-ishness of the ones on this jacket reinforce the piece’s overall boxy shape. Notice also that the elongated lapels nix the potential for stubbiness by adding a vertical element that gets the eye moving up and down. Finally, the white color and three-quarter length sleeves keep the look light and summery. What an elegant and versatile piece to be able to yank out of the closet and toss over a simple dress before heading off to brunch with the girls.

Jacket by Bebe. Image from Lucky, June ‘07.

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