Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Braided Gold Watch

I'm not a watch person. I used to be, but I find that going watch-less makes me feel so much more carefree (read: obsess less about being on time). Also, wearing a big piece of jewelry like a watch every day can really limit your look. It's always there and therefore always something that needs to be planned around. But this watch makes me want to reassess my anti-watch policy.

This watch is gorgeous and classic with its braided gold band, but also modern because of its rectangular face. Even in the photo, it has a suggestion of oversized heft to it, which toughens it up just enough. Plus, it's basically commitment-free, since it only costs $49. You could just wear it once in a while and would never even have to worry about losing it, the way you would a serious, expensive watch.

Watch by Spiegel. Image from Lucky, July '07.

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