Monday, June 11, 2007

Peach Ruffles

There’s so much that’s fabulous going on here. To begin with: the color. Peach must be the design world’s most overlooked hue. It’s subdued, it’s feminine and it’s more original than pale pink. And the ruffles are pretty, though if the ones on the bodice weren’t there, the dress would have cleaner, more classic lines and some of the sweetness would be toned down. I also worry that the ruffles on the bodice might make wearing the dress a challenge for the well-endowed.

How would the dress look toughened up by a brown leather belt that cinches in all that volume? Or worn with slick, bright open-toed stilettos, maybe in teal or cobalt? Of course, it could also be played more straightforwardly, with beige sandals. But the skirt’s demure length just begs for a high, spindly heel.

Dress by Robert Rodriguez. Image from Lucky, June ‘07.

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