Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crisp Brown Pants

I am so in love with these pants! It's a rare occasion when I find a pair to get excited about. Even though pants are wonderfully practical, especially in cold weather, its hard to find ones that are feminine and polished while navigating the slender, age-appropriate region between teenybopper and matron. And when I do find a pair that meets all those criteria, it's usually made of some boring material in one of four basic colors: denim blue, black or, to spice things up, charcoal grey or chocolate brown.

Then there are just so many subtle variables in terms of how pants fit that you always have to try on dozens of styles without much of an idea in advance of what will work on your particular body shape. If it fits at the waist, it doesn't on the butt. Or they're great but pricey and are so crazy long that they'd still need to be hemmed. Or the leg shape is too trendy. Or too frumpy. I'm sure you can relate.

But these pants are an inspiration. Let's start with the fabric and color: crisp non-jeany denim in a neutral but somewhat unexpected russet brown, as opposed to the usual chocolate. Then there's the fit: lean and fitted through the hips and thighs but with a bootcut leg that is both forgiving and timeless. These babies look like they could go anywhere.

Pants by Tevrow + Chase. Image from Lucky, July '07.

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