Sunday, June 24, 2007

Color Palette: Magenta, Turquoise and Pale Pink

Sometimes a great outfit takes its inspiration from a color scheme instead of from specific items of clothing. It seems that that's one of the places where an eye for fashion and an eye for interior decorating signal their common source. But for me to get inspired enough to try putting together an outfit based on an idea for a combination of colors, the color scheme in question has to be particularly unusual. I can't just start out with the idea of black and white or black and red and build something fabulous from there.

I'm saving the photo above for a time when I actually own clothing that's turquoise or fuschia. Or maybe the picture will even be inspiration to acquire pieces in those colors, since now I'll have a sense of what to do with them. I love the two bold colors, anchored by the neutral variation on one of them. The effect is bright but not gaudy, which is hard to pull off. It's the pale pink that makes it work, I think, since it acts almost as a neutral. Imagine the shoes and clutch in other colors, like fuschia or turquoise or black or silver or gold or even white, and the whole effect would be ruined.

Dress is Dior by John Galliano. Image from Vogue, July '07.

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