Monday, June 11, 2007

The Oversized Clutch

I like this recently hailed trend: the oversize clutch. I know, I know, clutches are a pain because you can’t just throw them over your shoulder and have your hands free. The thought of an oversize clutch is maybe even more terrifying, because it combines cumbersomeness with the potential to be heavy and therefore more difficult to keep a grip on. But I think an oversized clutch could work, as long as you don’t feel the compulsion to cram more stuff into the extra space, and also, if you don’t make it the bag you reach for when you’re heading out on errands. An oversized clutch is a way of acknowledging that handbags keep getting bigger and bigger, while trying to keep yours polished and ladylike, but not prissy. The fact that it would add a dash of uniqueness to a look doesn’t hurt either.

Image from Harper’s Bazaar, June ‘07.


Candid Cool said...

I like the concept of certain oversized clutches. In leather unless it is a slouchy kind of leather can become too cumbersome.

I think a good example of it was Mary Kate at the cfda awards

Anonymous said...

any suggestions of where to buy affordable oversize clutches?