Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pastel Tights

I love the pastel-colored cable-knit tights that have been creeping into the glossies over the past few months. It's an interesting new idea that, when it's done right, seems to have the potential to look cozy and romantic at the same time. It would also be practical on winter days, when you're tired of pants but want to stay warm.

I've been trying to figure out the rules for making pastel tights look unfrumpy and it seems like there are two ways to go. One option is shown in the first photo, where the tights are in a slightly offbeat color that contrasts with the rest of the outfit. I think you'd need a lot of confidence about your legs, if you were going to highlight them like this. The other, more forgiving idea for how to wear them is shown in the second photo, where the color of the tights tones in with the rest of the look, which is all in shades of the same hue. Either way, it seems key that the tights should be textured like the cable-knit examples above, so the look is cozy and feminine, as opposed to bright and either mod or 80s-ish.

What do you think? Is this a good look or are there too many potential ways to get it wrong?

Images from Vogue, July '07.


Icy said...

Hmm, the pastels are nice but I think you'd have to keep the light theme in the rest of your outfit. No dark skirts I think. I prefer the blue ones for the contrast to the outfit.

Hat said...

I love what you pick out from the pack.
I found your blog through Individual Chic, and have since added a link to mine -

Maddy said...

I love tights. There should really be more of them out there.

jennine said...

i've been staring at that top image since i got the vouge issue this month. it's lovely isn't it?

as for pastel tights, i say just get a pair, and start wearing them. they are gorgeous.